Fitness Club

If our food sections spoil you, then our wellness section puts you right back on track with a fitness club equipped with all the latest equipments to get you sculpted back into shape. Work out with weights, practice aerobics with a fitness instructor or get expert pointers on pilates from specialists right under one roof.


Yoga is perfect for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Get started on yoga or get expert advanced lessons from our yoga experts in our Yoga section. Regain internal balance, poise, wellness, mental strength and health in our yoga centre with specialists to give expert training and guidance.


Rejuvenate yourself, recharge your batteries, get rid of toxins and infuse yourself with fresh vigor at our spa where experts in Swedish, Thai, Indian and European styles wait to give you a treatment you will remember and return for every weekend. From massage to Turkish baths and Jacuzzi to therapies we have a range that will transform you inside-out.


Give yourself a makeover and look good. Looking good will make you feel good and the first step starts right here at the salon with a range of beauty treatments using the exotic and not-so-exotic yet effective treatments to make you absolutely, simply and marvelously glowing from tip to toe.