Wine Tasting

Gourmet Hub is a place where you can always expect something new and something exciting by way of events. If you ever dreamed of tasting wines from all over the world and sampling everything from red wine to vintage champagne, this is your chance. Watch out for the wine tasting event and you have a chance to become a wine connoisseur.

Chef Training Program

Culinary training will be provided to the chefs and thus they would get the opportunity to prepare some mouth-watering dishes. The IICA students can explore the great industrial exposure and we are glad to present such opportunity. They can take part in the lectures that would help them to get some additional knowledge after completion of the course. They would learn the different types of preparations and the real history behind the foods. Once, they get familiar with all the facts it would get easier to manage preparing the excellent recipes.

Cookery Show

The cookery event organized by us inspires the viewers to try something different from the usual cuisines. It would bring a big smile to the person who is being served. Here, the entire preparation is shown that would help you to understand how it's prepared.

Food Exhibitions

We exhibit the eminence of your products or services in an appealing way that the users would like and they would get the enthusiasm to discover more. You can display your products or services for trade promotions and the visitors can purchase the one that fits into their choice. For the manufacturers and traders, it will be an elegant platform to reach an elite customer base.

Legend Gourmet Awards

Gourmet Hub will be the prime location for the foodies and thus we are able to give the real taste of the original foods. People from different parts of the world gather here and thus the dishes come out with the savor from all across the universe. Gourmet Hub is in the process of introducing Food Awards that will have a significant impact in the food and beverage industry.

Theme Pre Wedding

This would suggest that only those about to tie the nuptial knot should attend the theme pre-wedding. Well, yes, mainly but even for those happily married or those for whom marriage is in the distant future, the theme pre wedding event is a fun-filled extravaganza. Join to know just how much.