Fine Dining

The foodies will get variety of foods when they visit the fine dining restaurants. The fine dining restaurants at Gourmet hub are impeccable in their food, atmosphere and the overall ambience which caters to all the needs of a foodie. It will not be just consumption of foods, but celebration of foods with a style.

Casual Dining

This kind of dining option mainly focuses on some specific kinds of dining menus, which focus more on the quality and the presentation of food. It is the new in thing of India right now and the business of casual dining is growing in leaps and bounds. Brands of international repute will offer the best casual dining experience at Gourmet Hub.

Theme Based

As the name appropriately suggests, the restaurants are based on different themes much like the international restaurants. These restaurants aim at providing you with entertainment while you are busy munching away on your food.

Adventure Dining

Adventure dining helps you to get the experience of a life time. Now you do not have to be a boring patron of food. Enjoy your food in your favourite fantasy places and get lost in your dream that's really awesome. From epic feasts to healthy snacks, all will be available at Gourmet Hub in an adventurous ambience specially crafted for you.


Corporate buffet is particularly devoted for all the businesspersons out there. The Buffet contains all the possible imaginable food items so that it might cater to the needs, taste and health of every person. You would love such amazing buffet/tiffin that even accompanies the real nutrition.