You can eat a fast food joint, a buffet or a roadside stall but nothing beats the experience of dining in proper style in restaurants, food served graciously by waiters, in the right ambience and to the right music. You will find themed restaurants serving practically all kinds of foods from around the world, clustered in the gourmet hub's restaurant section.


QSR is the latest trend in the corporate world of India. All the international companies are propagated in our country with the help of the franchises. They help in bringing to you all the delicacies of the international brands to drown your taste buds with pleasure. The segment will witness a significant growth with better investment flow into the sector. The Indian fast food business will get a great boost from global QSR chains present in Gourmet Hub.

Restro Bar

If it is something more than eating that interests you and your friends, head for the restro bar section where you can wine and dine in style, either at the counter or discreetly at tables. Enjoy a party with friends or just with some special guest at the restro bars with the choicest foods and drinks at your command.

Gastro Pub

We took a leaf out of the Englishman's book and created a Pub ambience serving beer on the tap. Then we added food---the choicest western as well as Indian and Mughlai tandoori and lo and behold you have the modern gastropub where quaffing beer and munching on choicest morsels is like being in heaven. No more peanuts with beer!

Cigar Lounge

The lounge is a treasure house of different kinds of elite cigarettes from all over the world. Now if you want to get a taste of a foreign cigar, you have to wait no more as Gourmet hub will fulfill your requirements.
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Food Court

A family destination is incomplete without a food court. The food court provides you with all the options of meals and snacks. Food courts are managed by an operator who leases space from the property owner. The operator designs and renovates the premises to set up individual stalls, Most of the renowned brand from India & abroad will be available at the food court.

Food Stores

Food stores available in Gourmet Hub offer globally renowned products for your daily needs. From fruits to vegetables, from groceries to international food products, the food stores offer the globally renowned food products.
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Pick up a croissant, munch on a muffin, lick the cream off a scrumptious cake or simply dunk your doughnut in coffee. All is possible here at the bakery outlets serving a mouthwatering array of lip smacking delights from all around the world—American, European, Middle Eastern and Russian too.

Hand Made Chocolates

Sinfully delicious, absolutely irresistible, totally full of wow, hand made chocolates are for occasions when you want to give yourself a treat, indulge to the extreme or give your girl something so finger lickin good she will want more and more. Head for the hand made chocolates outlets and feast on melt in the mouth concoctions that leave your soul singing happily.