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Food Court / Stores

A family destination is incomplete without a food court and Food Store. The food court provides you with all the options of meals and snacks. Food courts are managed by an operator who leases space from the property owner. The operator designs and renovates the premises to set up individual stalls, Most of the renowned brand from India & abroad will be available at the food court.

Adventure Dining

Adventure dining helps you to get the experience of a life time. Now you do not have to be a boring patron of food. Enjoy your food in your favourite fantasy places and get lost in your dream that's really awesome. From epic feasts to healthy snacks, all will be available at Gourmet Hub in an adventurous ambience specially crafted for you.

Mini-Plex / Multiplex

At GourmetHub, we have unleashed the concept of mini-plex for premiere, corporate films, family films, social function videos or any private screening. Here one can get a feel of multiplex while watching a movie or any type of AV. It's an ideal venue for private screening. It offers a lucrative opportunity for the investors as it gives better return on low investments.

Theme Based Resturants

As the name appropriately suggests, the restaurants are based on different themes much like the international restaurants. These restaurants aim at providing you with entertainment while you are busy munching away on your food.As the name appropriately suggests, the restaurants are based on different themes much like the international restaurants. These restaurants aim at providing you with entertainment while you are busy munching away on your food.

Kids Zone / Fun / Entertainment

The little kids are also not refrained from the fun that one can get at Gourmet Hub. Here, the children can explore a great platform where they can have fun and learn in an enjoyable manner. Enter the place with your child and discover a new world designed especially for them.

Q.S.R / Casual / Fine Dining

QSR is the latest trend in the corporate world of India. All the international companies are propagated in our country with the help of the franchises. They help in bringing to you all the delicacies of the international brands to drown your taste buds with pleasure.

Cigar Lounge

The lounge is a treasure house of different kinds of elite cigarettes from all over the world. Now if you want to get a taste of a foreign cigar, you have to wait no more as Gourmet hub will fulfill your requirements.

Gourmet Food Awards

Gourmet Hub will be the prime location for the foodies and thus we are able to give the real taste of the original foods. People from different parts of the world gather here and thus the dishes come out with the savor from all across the universe. Gourmet Hub is in the process of introducing Food Awards that will have a significant impact in the food and beverage industry.

Food Mela

It is said that in India, a festival is celebrated every day of the year.

The name itself mentions that it's all related to the mouth-watering recipes. Food mela is such an event that creates a fusion of different cultures & cuisines from all over the world. The traditional cuisines that are served here will have the authentic taste representing the original reminiscence.

Special Events

Organised in all over the Gourmet Chains

Whether it's a birthday party or a social gathering, a good theme can change the entire ambience. Gourmet Hub would take care of the entire party planning that people would enjoy at its best. Whether a Western style or the classical theme every type can be organized at Gourmet Hub.

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Training Program

Culinary training will be provided to the chefs and thus they would get the opportunity to prepare some mouth-watering dishes. The IICA students can explore the great industrial exposure and we are glad to present such opportunity. They can take part in the lectures that would help them to get some additional knowledge after completion of the course. They would learn the different types of preparations and the real history behind the foods. Once, they get familiar with all the facts it would get easier to manage preparing the excellent recipes.

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